Tiscon Readybuild (Cut & Bend)

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What does Tiscon ReadyBuild Stand for?

Hello, welcome to the world of Tiscon ReadyBuild; a downstream service brand which gives customised solutions for all your construction needs related to rebar. In line with the endeavour to come closer to the infrastructure industry, Readybuild stands as an effort to simplify your life and brings hassle-free construction for you when it comes to rebar usage.

What is ReadyBuild?

Adding to the long list of innovations in products & services, the latest entrant from Tata Tiscon is Tiscon ReadyBuild.

Tiscon ReadyBuild, a rebar downstream service presently offers the Cut & Bend service that aims at providing customized rebar shapes of rebar needed at the construction sites.

In the future, Tata Steel plans to add more downstream products & services like Couplers, Pilecages and meshes under Tiscon ReadyBuild brand. Currently there are 10 operating production facilities to provide 'Cut & Bend' services that covers the length & breadth of the country.

Cut & Bend Process

What is Cut and Bend?

The cut and bend structures required in construction often use rebars of different size and shapes. Often cutting & bending of the rebars is done at the construction site by the unskilled labors. Since it is manually done by the laborers hence there are high chances of inaccuracies & inefficiencies in the system. There are many other challenges that are faced by different stakeholders during construction process that includes timely availability of material, skilled labor shortages, wastages, scrap disposal etc.

Traditional Way v/s ReadyBuild Way

In the traditional way, cut and bend process is done manually by bar benders with little precision and hand tools to roughly meet the shape requirement for a particular section. This process is inefficient, can lead to wastage as the delivery of the rebars takes place in straight form. The leftovers post cut and bend is usually left for scrap.

With Readybuild, you get precise cut and bend rebars, as per your requirement, made from state-of-the-art machines without the hassle of scrap disposal. The scrap is produced at the Readybuild centre and is internal to ReadyBuild center leaving our customers worry free on the selling/reselling of scrap.