Tata Pravesh

Doors and Windows


Tata Pravesh, the new stalwart brand in Tata Steel's portfolio, offers you the complete range of stunning and strong home solutions-from steel doors to windows with inclusion of ventilators. Each product of this range has the strength of steel and the beauty of wood. The cutting-edge products are long lasting and ensure ultimate security for your home so that you can keep your loved ones secure.

Combining the strength of steel and the beauty of wood, Tata Pravesh doors and windows offer complete peace of mind to its users in terms of price, quality, durability and security. The doors are manufactured from high grade steel using state-of-the-art technology to ensure supreme resistance to fire and other hazards commonly experienced in the case of wooden doors. Factory-engineered to perfection, every product is uniform in quality and finish; the texture resembles that of real wood. Free accessories, delivery (T&C apply), installation and 5 years warranty (T&C apply) further add to the popularity of Tata Pravesh doors. It offers a one stop solution for all your wall opening needs.

Keep your loved ones secure with the power of steel.

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Tata Pravesh has introduced a revolutionary range of steel doors to keep your loved ones safe and secure. These doors are made to be durable, secure, long lasting, termite proof, fire resistant as well as environment friendly. At the same time, they are aesthetically suited for both residential and commercial spaces as they combine the strength of steel with elegance of wood.

Residential Doors Commercial Doors Windows
Pearl Doors
(Embossed Wood Finish)
Vision Panel Doors Oyster & Coral Windows
Coral Doors
(Plain Wood Finish)
Louver Doors Canvas Windows
Oyster Doors
(Plain Steel Finish)
Full Glass Doors Vista Windows
Fly Mesh Doors Fire Rated Doors
Shaft Duct Doors


Items Types of Doors
General Purpose Steel Doors and Wood Finish Steel Doors
Door Leaves Constructed from 0.0008m (22 SWG) thick skin pass Galvanized Iron Sheet(confrom to IS 277)
Thickness 0.046m
In-Fill Honeycomb Kraft Paper
Door Frames Conform to IS 4351:2003. Constructed from 0.0012m (18 SWG) thick skin pass
Galvanized Iron sheet ( Conform to IS 277) formed to single rebate profile Of size.
Profile Dimensions 0.1m X0.058m
Material Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Butt Hinges
Dimension 0.102m x0.076m
Thickness 0.003m
Lock Mortise Sash Lock with Lever Handles, Mortise Dead Bolt, Mortise Latch, Panic Devices etc. can be provided as required
Flush Bolts (Double Doors) Concealed extended lever action flush bolts provided on the top of the door to the leading stile edge
Door Closers Doors are made suitable to receive a large variety of door closers

For more information, please visit the link: https://www.tatapravesh.com